True Storage Donates $1,000 to The Monroe County Historical Society

Ben Kfoury and Jacob Fuller from the True Storage team joined
with members of the Monroe County Historical Society to celebrate the grand
opening of True Storages new location in Monroe Michigan. In celebration of our
grand opening of our new facility in Monroe, True Storage presented the Monroe County
Historical Society with a $1,000 donation. The members of the historical
society were able to share stories of their towns redevelopment history and
were thrilled to hear about True Storages investment in redeveloping a local property
that had fallen into disrepair.

About The Monroe Historical: The Society was founded in 1938
by a group of citizens who recognized Monroe as special, perhaps even important.
They sought to safeguard the past and build upon the future. More than 75 years
later, MCHS is proud of its ongoing work in and around Monroe. We remain
dedicated to bridging yesterday with today, and thanks to the collective
efforts of others, have created cultural centers, restored buildings, achieved
national recognition for the site of the 1813 Battle of Frenchtown, and
preserved sites that otherwise would have perished. In short, we have met the
challenge of those who, decades earlier, asked that we claim Monroe’s story for
all to share. 

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