True Storage

Our Facilities

While each project we complete flows a bit differently from beginning to end, the outcome in each location is the same. All True Storage built facilities have: 

True Storage Construction Process

True Storage identifies properties by working with real estate brokers or identifying potential properties ourselves. Once we identify a potential property, we conduct market studies, perform competitor analyses and consider pricing structures. 

Based on those studies, we determine if we should move forward. At that point, we evaluate the property for zoning restrictions and usage regulations. We partner with location municipalities to amend zoning if required. After evaluating for environmental issues, we close on the property and start the construction process. 

We have in-house teams that include project management, architecture, acquisition, due diligence and permitting, legal, marketing, and finance. Together, our team ensures a seamless overlap on each stage of the project. Our goal is to have a shovel in the ground the day we close on the property.

After construction is completed, True Storage turns operation of the facility to one of several national companies. By providing expert operational leadership, our facilities consistently meet customer and community expectations for quality and service.