About True Storage

At its heart, True Storage is a company committed to improving communities.

By converting underutilized retail spaces into premier self-storage facilities, we provide a resource that contributes to the local tax base while meeting a need. Our goal is to provide high-quality storage space for people who care about their belongings and want to store in a safe and secure location.

True Storage Guiding Principals

Types of Projects

Ground-up construction is traditional vertical development. After identifying land, True Storage partners with local builders to complete the project. 

Conversion projects take an empty big-box facility and transform it into useable storage space. True Storage has successfully transformed former Circuit City, JCPenney, and Toys ‘R Us locations into useable space that meets a need in the community.

Operational Leadership

True Storage partners with national self-storage brands to operate facilities. By partnering with companies like CubeSmart, Life Storage, and Public Storage, we ensure our facilities are operated by experts who are equipped to market the facility appropriately and exceed customer service expectations.

Community Partnerships

True Storage prides itself on building partnerships with local communities. We proudly support endeavors and charitable causes in the communities we serve. We stand beside our track record of quality projects that community leaders can take pride in, and we are happy to work with local jurisdictions and governing boards to maintain zoning and building requirements. 

True Storage Locations

True Storage has developed projects along the Eastern seaboard, the greater Chicago area, as well as Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. We are quickly expanding our footprint in key markets across the country. Regardless of where we build a storage facility, it will meet the same requirements for aesthetic appeal, quality construction, and user-friendly features.